Outline of a Novated & or Associate Lease Process & Expectations

The process and structure of setting up a Novated or Associate Leases for an employee is quick and pain free. Apart from some basic documentation and payment automation, National Salary Packaging, the Finance company or Associate and the Employee will do most of the work.

  • Seamless Set up & Transition or Migration
  • Plug & Play pain free Administration and Account Management Systems
  • Online portal with access your records and balances
  • FBT management and reporting
  • Consistent savings on all packages


  1. NSP helps the employee select a vehicle that suits his or her needs and receives a formal quote from NSP.
  2. Once the type of Novated Lease has been chosen, NSP will draw up a Salary Package estimate, which will highlight to the employee how salary packaging the vehicle will benefit them financially. As an HR manager, you and the employee sign this in agreement.
  3. The employee then completes a finance application and, once approved, the vehicle can be ordered.
  4. Once the financing and Novation documents have been prepared, you and the employee will proceed to sign these. The employee should return these with any supporting documents required, such as evidence of comprehensive car insurance etc to NSP. 
  5. The deal is then be settled between the finance provider and NSP. Once all these details have been finalised, the employee will be advised that their vehicle is ready to be collected/delivered.
  6. NSP will make sure everything is in place and the finance department of your company ensures that the ongoing automatic payments and reporting systems are in place.
    Every vehicle package comes with a fuel card.  We chose to WEX, because of the convenience of being able to put all fuel and running costs on the one card. It has more benefits and discounts that allows any employee to purchase the widest range of vehicle running costs in Australia. This includes the vast majority of fuel stations, vehicle service centres, and most tyre, windscreen, and battery retailers. You can conveniently fill up  knowing that your fuel is already paid for and you can still use your shopper dockets to give you even greater discounted fuel! The monthly account is sent directly to us and we pay all expenses out of the employees trust account. No need to find that extra bit of cash to pay for the fuel  with no out of pocket expenses. Enjoy the convenience of knowing that all of your running costs including fuel are already accounted for and paid by using this card.
  2. BEST NEW VEHICLE PRICE WITH our bespoke purchasing platform – AutoTender
    We deliver great fleet prices on all makes and models Nationally by using our unique reverse online action portal called AutoTender. It definitely takes the hassle and time out of buying a car and you get the best deal with little effort. 
    The most Tax Effective item to Salary Package is a vehicle. Our experienced staff guide you through a quote explaining in detail and in plain English how Salary Packaging works and how it benefits them individually. Only then do we establish a package and the employee begins their tax savings.
    Through a novated lease the GST on the vehicle is not financed and as the running costs of the vehicle such as fuel, tyres, servicing, registration and insurance are all paid through the employer who can claim a majority of this GST which is then passed back to you automatically over the term of the lease in the salary package.
    We make Salary Packaging is easy to understand which is reflected in the way we present, quote, document, and manage your salary package. Our goal is to ensure you have complete clarity and transparency before entering into any decision.
    We can come to you. We provide small group or personal one on one information sessions. These sessions are tailored to work for you. We can give brief overviews of Salary Packaging or detailed discussions to tailor salary packaging to your personal needs.
    Our mission is to save you more of your money.  We make sure that you are looked after and that you know what your options are to be able to have more money at the end of the day  – Check out Associate Leases , you will be impressed at the financial benefits it provides to employees.

How do I know who is eligible to salary package?

If your employees receive a salary and pays tax through the PAYG system, they’re eligible to salary package their cars.

To get maximum benefit will depend on the employees position and circumstances, This will determine if a novated or associate lease will be more beneficial.

  • No business use required
  • Package a new, or used car
  • Package a car they already own
  • Package two cars

Q. What if I already have a salary packaging company?

Q. How do we know if we are getting the best deal?

First of all, we would highly recommend your company have 2 x salary packaging providers. This will bring about fairness, full transparency, choice and ultimately maximum value and savings to your employees and to your business.

We would be happy to review your current situation and let you know where you stand, so that you can have peace of mind that you will be getting the best deals for your employees.

By including NSP as a secondary provider will be seamless and pain free for your HR and payroll team. 

We have reviewed many packages in out time and there has not been one that we haven’t been able to help save money and provide additional value too!

Please check out our Testimonies on our homepage.


Most frequent questions and answers

NSP will manage the salary packaging process and supervise payment for your organisation. We will help you prepare forms for employees to complete to take up the salary packaging offer, and, work alongside your payroll team to set up the new remuneration structure.

Once your package has been implemented, NSP will provide ongoing support and advice on salary package queries.

In summary, it will add value and benefit to your company and your employees. 

On the contrary, it will save your company and your employees money. It is a WIN-WIN solution and will add value to both.  When it comes to the cost of salary packaging with NSP,  you can rest assured our fees are completely transparent. In exchange for managing your salary packaging account, we charge an administration fee that is agreed upon with your employer.

Just like the benefits you enjoy, your fees are paid out of your pre-tax dollars and do not contribute toward your cap limits or attract FBT.

Traffic fines, parking fines, road tolls, bridge tolls, driver’s licence

The general rule is the vehicle cannot be any older than 10 years at the end of the lease. For example, a 5-year-old car can be leased for 5 years. You can even take advantage of the tax saving by arranging a Lease-back on a car you currently own or have on finance.