$12,000 OR MORE A YEAR  


Turn your car at home into an income producing asset with an


an ATO incentive


Top 5 Benefits

  • Higher income earner (employee) reduces their TAX
  • (Associate) receives profit – INCREASING family income
  • CONVERTS the CAR/s into an income earning ASSET 
  • Zero cost to the employer to set up
  • NSP organisers and manages the whole process 

For Example

POTENTIAL OUTCOME FOR A PAYG EMPLOYEE WITH A WAGE OF $85,000 & ASSOCIATE at home under the tax-free threshold of $18,200

= $3,434 per year Tax saving

  • $17,170 Tax saving over 5 years

= $12,000 profit per year

  • $60,000 profit over 5 years

*husband, wife, partner, sibling over 18.

Associate Lease in a nutshell

An associate lease is an arrangement between the employer, employee and the employee’s associate (usually spouse). The associate either owns or leases a car and is responsible for paying all running costs. The car is then leased on to the employer under a fully maintained operating lease, and its use provided as a fringe benefit. The employee gives up salary, partly pre-tax and partly post-tax (to ensure no FBT), in respect of the lease payments.

How is it different to a novated lease?

An Associate Lease is slightly different to a Novated Lease, the difference being that the Financier is replaced with an 'Associate'. It does not require any finance or banks to be involved and there is no age restriction on the vehicle.

The Associate

The  'associate' would need to be on a lower tax bracket (preferably under $75,000) to be viable and needs to have or establish an ABN. So after the associate claims depreciation and car loan interest (if any), the associate’s taxation liability from the lease rentals is minimal (or zero).

Turn your second car into an income earning asset

Associate Leasing is ideal if you aren’t looking to purchase a new car and are happy with your current car.  Even if it is under finance, you can take advantage of the tax savings involved with Salary Packaging an Associated Lease.

Steps to arranging an Associate Lease

  1. We will need to ascertain if an Associate lease is the right solution and will be beneficial for your situation.  We will ask you some questions to see if you qualify and if we believe that it is the right move forward we will provide you with a quote, showing you the estimated tax savings and income that your Associate will be receiving.
  2. Either in person or over the phone, we gather the necessary information from you to begin the process.
  3. One of the requirements is to have an ABN – We can assist with applying for an ABN for your associate (if required).
  4. Another requirement is for the Associate to have a separate bank account to the employee 
  5. At this point, administration documents will be drawn up and sent to you.
  6. Once you have completed, please return them to us for processing.
  7. Your employer provides final authorisation for packaging to commence.
  8. At this stage, you are sent an email outlining your tax savings and which payroll date your packaging will begin.

Our team can assist you in all areas involved in setting up your Associate Lease, including obtaining an ABN and answering any questions you or your Associate may have

NSP Manages all the Running Cost & Deductions

As part of the Salary Package, NSP manages all relating to the running of the vehicle which expenses which the Associate will be able to claim back all the deductions.

What can be included:

  • Fuel. For convenience, you will be provided wit a fuel card. (we have partnered with a company called WEX Motorpass.  You can use this card for discounted, fuel, services, parking, tyres, car washes etc. We will provide you with the list of Auto retailers to receive those discounts.  
  • Services and Maintenance
  • Registration
  • Tyres
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Excess on Insurance
  • Other types of Insurance relevant to the vehicle (eg: Tyre & Rim, Gap and more)
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Paint Protection
  • Rust Proofing (non-removable)
  • Window Tinting
  • Car Washing and Detailing
  • Protection for Fabric Interior (non-removable)
  • Damages or Rep


Yes. In fact by having both you increase the remuneration of your salary by a significant amount of money

20% of the car base FBT value is assessed for car FBT.

New cars: on-road cost, minus Rego, CTP, Stamp Duty and extended warranty
Replacement used cars: on-road cost minus Stamp Duty and extended warranty
Existing cars: Fair and well considered retail value

Generally no. Employees earning under $180,000 will mostly make an after-tax payment to eliminate the car FBT. The salary package structure is usually both after-tax and pre-tax salary sacrifices.

Yes. GST is payable by the employer on the after-tax component paid to the employer. Therefore one eleventh of the after-tax amount is added to the pre tax salary sacrifice component.

Spouse, partner, sibling, parent, child over 18, family company or trust.

No, but the associate must have an ABN and an individual (not joint) bank account.

Yes. The odometer reading at the start date of the Associate lease is needed, also on March 31 each year, or when the lease is terminated as a result of the employee leaving, lease expiring, car total loss or early payout.

No. The associate in an associate lease arrangement claims 100% of any car cost loan interest, plus depreciation on non-luxury cars (under $57,581 until 30.06.2018).

The factors are the car purchase price, lease term, the ATO minimum residual value percentages, and a commercial simple interest rate of return for the associate, given the associate is taking the residual risk. These rentals are not “a dart at the board” but are calculated on a completely commercial basis.

As the lease is an operating lease, there is no residual payable. The associate, if he or she has borrowed to buy a car, may have a balloon payment at the end of the car loan, but this will usually be lower than the amount of any Novated Lease residual plus GST.

No. The associate must have created taxable income, and to have had a positive cash flow from paying any car loan repayments, after receiving the associate lease rentals.

Traffic fines, parking fines, road tolls, bridge tolls, driver’s licence

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