Getting The Right Novated Lease Is Paramount To You Saving The Most Money


A Novated Lease is a financial agreement between you, your employer and the finance company used to finance the car purchase. The finance company lends you money to purchase your car, and your employer arranges to have your regular lease repayments deducted directly from your pay. Your running costs and part of the lease payments are deducted from your pre-tax salary and this reduces your taxable income, saving you money.  It’s all about you paying less tax.

When finance payments and vehicle running costs are deducted from your gross salary, you effectively pay less tax. This means you have more disposable income.

In contrast, a normal car loan is paid using your post-tax salary, meaning whatever is left in your bank account after you’ve paid tax.

The government doesn’t give much away for free, however, so they will charge Fringe Benefit Taxes (FBT) on your Novated Lease. That’s because the government considers the act of your employer taking money from your pay and giving you a car in return for your use to be a fringe benefit.

One way to reduce the amount of FBT you will need to pay is to make a percentage of your contributions to your repayments using post-tax dollars. For every after-tax dollar that you contribute, you reduce the amount of FBT you need to pay by that same amount.


We have access to vehicle wholesale pricing and with over 35 years of industry experience we take the RISK and OVERWHELM out of the equation to make sure you save the most money!


DON’T PAY RETAIL. Use the automatic tendering platform AutoTender to access wholesale pricing. You could save between $2,000 to $15,000 on your car.



This is very important to understand and can make the difference between you saving $2,000 pa in tax or $6,000 pa in tax.



This includes Budgeting for the Fuel, servicing, lease repayments, tyres and maintenance so Keep in mind that this is only a budget, 

Avoid The Pitfalls As It Will Cost You Thousands of Dollars

Buying a car can be daunting and overwhelming, plus it is one of your biggest ongoing expenses. 

Without salary packaging a novated lease, the finance, running costs, insurance & registration are all paid for with your Post-Tax dollars plus you have to pay GST on all the expenses and the purchase price of the car. All this adds up.

With a Novated lease you can pay for the car and the expenses with your pre-tax dollars and you don’t pay GST – Saving you thousands of dollars!

When it comes to packaging a novated Lease, it is nearly impossible for you to calculate the ‘TRUE COSTS’ of the package when everything is bundled together and all you see is the tax savings at the bottom of the quote.

We are risk management specialists and make sure you know exactly what your money is paying for and you are not in harms way.

Business Use Case Study

use your Tax Savings to pay off your mortgage faster

Based on a $350,000 mortgage you could potentially save 90 months & $166,230

Personal use case study

use your Tax Savings to pay off your mortgage faster

Based on a $350,000 mortgage you could potentially save 53 months & $97,891

Available to all PAYG employees

get your pre-tax money working for you!

PAYG employees using their new vehicle for PRIVATE or BUSINESS can get a Novated Lease and START SAVING THOUSANDS TODAY!

Most frequently asked questions

Ask your new employer if they allow Salary Packaging, and if so, contact NSP and we’ll arrange payroll deductions with your new employer. 

The novated lease agreement will end with your current employer. But the finance lease between you and your finance company can remain intact. You just keep making the lease payments. But of course this means you can’t package any of the repayments or gain any tax benefits. If you wish to finalise your lease contract early, you have to contact the finance company to talk about finalising any amount owing on the vehicle

You can pay out your lease early but you need to check and get a payout figure to see if the remaining balance is in line with the market value of your car. We would recommend getting to the 75% point of your lease before breaking it early.

When your lease comes to its end, you can purchase the vehicle, and you’ll need to pay out any residual value, arrears or overdue interest. Or, if you wish to purchase the car, you can refinance it for a new term. Another option is to replace the car with another, and take out a new agreement

This is the amount left owing on the vehicle at the end of the lease term. This is a fixed amount that is set by the ATO at the start of the lease. Residuals help to keep monthly repayments down.

Yes, as long as the car is no older than 8 years of age at the end of the lease.