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NSP is shaping the future of salary packaging in Australia

What is Salary Packaging?

Salary packaging/sacrifice is an ATO-approved and government-driven incentive that allows employers to pay for certain expenses out of employees’ pre-tax salary. This reduces employees’ taxable income, resulting in them taking home more pay.

Why offer Salary Packaging?

It is a great attraction and retention strategy that will increase your remuneration offering without increasing your costs or burdening your staff’s workload.

What does NSP do?

We help companies and not-for-profit organisations around Australia access and manage these tax incentives to financially benefit your employees. We offer products and solutions that are ethically better financially for you and your employees!


Employee satisfaction is our priority. Our Financial Wellness program provides individual salary packaging solutions designed for employees to save tax and take home more pay!


No hidden costs are our differentiator. We don't charge a deceptively small administration fee, then include complex opt-out clauses and unexpected insurance, fees and charges.


We nurture, educate and support your employees through the whole process, making sure they understand all the benefits available to them and the costs involved.

NSP, your trusted strategic partner

Scope of benefits

Our approach to salary packaging is based on our fundamental values of fostering honesty, trust, transparency and providing high-quality people-first solutions. Positioning our clients’ needs at the forefront of our business model extends to both employees and employers, with various aspects of our offering ensuring that these specific requirements are not only met but often exceeded.

Ethical salary packaging solutions

Full turnkey administration account management, reporting & support

We have developed unique, industry-leading, compliant salary packaging platforms and systems that allow for same day benefits payments, hassle-free transition, integration, implementation, management & reporting – simplifying an otherwise technical and cumbersome process. Our dedicated support team and account management ensures easy access with streamlined and timely outcomes.

Not for profit specialists

No matter what size your organisation is, we provide a complete suite of industry leading salary packaging benefits and solutions, including everyday living and meal/entertainment cards. We make sure there is no FBT liability and help calculate HECS/HELP debts when applicable. We also provide innovative offerings that will positively influence your employees' financial wellbeing, while helping support your industry with the challenges you are currently facing.

Tailored salary packaging solutions, employee support and management

We know that your employees are in different work and life stages. This is why NSP recommend 1:1 meetings. We get to understand their financial position, then educate and demonstrate the benefits available and the positive financial impact they have, resulting in them making educated and informed decisions on what benefits best suit their situation. From there, we create a tailored salary packaging solution with the best possible financial outcome.

35 years of vehicle management services, finance & vehicle solutions

We are fully accredited in the vehicle and finance industry (ASIC). We explore all finance scenarios to ensure the best fit vehicle solution. Providing: Comprehensive company fleet management - Fleet discounts - Fuel cards - Independent vehicle sourcing & advice - Car loans - chattel mortgages - low-doc loans - (subscription) short term vehicles.

Novated lease program

We are the market leaders in novated lease solutions. We are transparent and don’t hide our interest rates or fees, nor do we build them into other budget items. Not only that, but on reviews we have consistently demonstrated a 4–5% lower interest rate on average than our competitors, with an average saving of $5,500 on finance repayments per novated lease.

Additional innovative offerings

If you are wanting to progress your position of being an ‘employer of choice’, our Financial Wellness program will help enhance your employee benefits offering, maximise participation rates and support your employee attraction and retention strategy.

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