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For Employees

Providing employees Salary Packaging and Vehicle Solutions to significantly improve your Financial Wellbeing in the workplace

The biggest advantage of salary packaging is that you get to take home more income as you are paying for certain expenses with your pre/ before tax dollars. 

Paying less tax = Taking home more money

  • More pay on pay day – without getting a bonus or a pay rise
  • Access to products & services that provide significant financial benefits.
  • We personally tailor a salary package solution for you to achieve higher net remuneration.
  • We are not a call centre – You get to talk with a dedicated client relationship manager.
  • Access to Fleet Vehicle Pricing – If you are getting a novated lease, we make sure you get the best deal & finance possible
  • Web-based application forms for convenience.
  • Friendly staff that have your best interests at heart.

National Salary Packaging offers a complete suite of Salary Packaging Benefits

IMPORTANT: Depending on your companies FBT status and Industry Sector will determine what benefits you can choose, and your employer will need to engage our services before you can start salary packaging.

  • Health Care & Charities 
  • Corporate Companies
  • Private Education / Community bodies and Associations

Benefits you can potentially Salary Package to increase your take home pay


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Living expenses

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Credit card

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Venue hire

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Portable devices

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Novated leases

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Associate leases

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Self education

Hecs / Help

Personal loans

Remote Living

Fly in fly out

School fees

Bus fares

Relocation expenses

Financial advice

Tools of trade