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For employers

The benefits for employers

Our salary packaging services are designed to not only look after your employees, but benefit your business. People are the foundation of any business, and by offering competitive and tailored salary packaging options to your employees, you are building a foundation for your organisation to thrive.

NSP will act as a strategic partner, embodying your vision and values to support your employees’ financial wellbeing while working for you. Client and employee experience is our priority. Our dedicated team will work closely with your staff to ensure all systems related to your salary packaging account management are running effectively.

A key to our success has been the development of salary packaging management software and structures that dramatically reduce the workload required for each pay run for your team. Our processes can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration and ongoing administration.

Complete suite of salary packaging solutions

Full administration management

Our benefits automation software handles all the compliance and benefit administration, so you can focus on your business.

Same day payment of benefits

We ensure same day pay for benefits as payroll.

Seamless set up, integration, migration and transition

We work closely with your payroll and HR team to ensure that all transactions are seamless and stress-free to ensure no increase in their workload.

Payroll, FBT and GST reporting

You will have access to online payroll export reports, payroll change only reports, GST credit and debit reports.

Asset, FBT and liability free

If an employee leaves and has a novated lease, all obligations fall onto the employee.

Employee financial wellness program

Our program delivers a raft of niche services that are personally tailored to ensure the best financial outcomes are achieved. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, as every employee's situation is different. So, the key to successfully implementing our program is trusted education and connection. We provide all the tools and information needed.

Transparency and clarity

We know our industry can be confusing. So we make sure through education and transparency that everyone knows exactly what they are getting right from the start, with no hidden agenda or surprises at the end.


We have a moral obligation to educate every employee and personally qualify them to ensure they have the best-fit solution tailored to maximise every benefit available to them. Our goal is always to save your employees money by reducing their tax and increasing their take-home pay.

1:1 Confidential employee discovery sessions

This is where the magic happens. Your employees get the opportunity to discover the real value and benefits available, and what the financial outcome could look like for them. Our online booking system and web-based application form makes for an easy and convenient experience.

Personalised employee login portals

We offer personalised payroll employee login portals for access to real-time transaction and balance reports.

Vehicle Management Solutions

This benefit alone will save your employees and/or your fleet department thousands of dollars. You will have access to personal vehicle advice and fleet pricing. Coupled with competitive low interest rates, this makes for a great deal and more money in your employee's pocket!


Could you unknowingly be putting your staff in harm's way?

Did you know over the past few years, the salary packaging landscape has changed dramatically? There has been mass consolidation in the salary packaging industry, with the big ASX-listed companies buying out the smaller ones, resulting in marketplace dominance.

We have discovered that on top of the disclosed fees charged to employees to manage their salary packaging account, hidden fees and undisclosed high interest rates (higher than 10%), are putting employees at risk.

Mitigating and reducing risk in the salary packaging industry is our specialty! We offer free RISK REVIEWS of your current salary packages to make sure your employees are not in harm’s way.

Partnering with NSP

Whether you are looking for a retention or attraction strategy, or a way to increase your remuneration offering without increasing costs – we have you covered! 

We’ll partner with you to provide everything you need to implement a successful Employee Benefits Program with full management and support, with no pressure, risk or investment, so you can focus on building your business. 

As financial pressures continue to evolve with the times, our goal is to support your staff with salary packaging and vehicle solutions to improve their financial wellbeing while they are supporting you in the workplace.

When you partner with National Salary Packaging, you are not only supporting your staff by providing them with access to products and services that will save them money and improve their financial position, you are expanding your remuneration offering when looking for high-end talent.

Through working with NSP, you will benefit from less financial stress while improving employee experiences, loyalty and engagement.