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Employer options

Our salary packaging services offer tailored options to benefit both employees and your business. We act as strategic partners, prioritising client and employee experiences. Our dedicated team ensures effective management of salary packaging accounts, promoting financial well-being and organisational growth.

If you would like to move from providing the salary packaging benfits to engaging us to manage your  benefits in-house and your employees haven’t been paying for fees, our experience has shown that employees often resist paying for previously free benefits. We offer a subscription-based salary packaging option to avoid negative feedback and employee dissatisfaction.

How does Salary Packaging benefit my business?

We manage FBT Exempt and Rebateable organisations and include all the benefits below PLUS all the Corporate benefits listed below

Attract & Retain The Right People

Position your business as an Employer of Choice

Generate better Employee Experiences, Loyalty & Engagement

Educational Workshops & Individual Discovery Sessions

Consistently Higher Net remuneration

Boosts Productivity, increasing your bottom line

Ongoing Support from NSP

What is involved with transitioning from your incumbent to NSP?