Enjoy even more Pay at Pay Day

More take home pay every pay day!

National Salary Packaging makes your life easy by providing full management and administration for all your PBI benefits so you focus on building your business. 

Depending on your employer’s policy, you can salary package Non Cash Benefits (NCB) up to a ‘grossed up’ value of $30,000, which translates to spending $15,900 on Rebatable Fringe Benefits during each FBT Year, and receive a rebate (discount) of 47% off the Fringe Benefits Tax that applies to the expenses. 

This means you can pay for some of your living expenses from your pre-tax salary.

This is a great perk and used in conjunction with other  salary packaging benefits, means MORE MONEY in your pocket every pay day!

General Living Benefit

PBI companies can enjoy $15,900 ($30,000) grossed up) tax-free money

Pay your Mortgage & Rent with the everyday living money

Pay your mortgage off faster with your tax-free money

Meal, Entertainment & Holiday Benefit

Enjoy $2,650 tax-free money ($5,000 ‘grossed-up’) tax-free money