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What is Vehicle Subscription? 

When buying a car, you commit yourself financially for long periods of time. In that time you have additional costs such as Interest, Servicing and Maintenance, Tyres, Insurance, Registration Renewal and one of the biggest costs is depreciation.

  1. When you subscribe to our service, you have one easy payment, fortnightly or monthly.
  2. You don’t have to pay Interest, Servicing and Maintenance, Tyres, Insurance, Registration Renewal or depreciation.
  3. Once you finish your term, you can either get another brand-new vehicle or you can change the model of car to adapt to your lifestyle at that time.

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Courier / Delivery / Van

How Does It Work?

Select your vehicle and loan period (4, 6 or 9 months) & we’ll send you a quote and an application

If you are happy with the quotation, fill out the application and send it back

We will complete a quick credit check and if successful approve your application

We’ll organise your new car with our dealer partner in your city for your new car to be picked up or delivered*

You pay the Subscription Fee, Drive the car, at the end of that term you can get a brand-new one or just hand it back, simple!

* Vehicle delivery is an additional charge set by the local dealer.

Business  Subscription Benefits

Accident Vehicle Replacement

You can upgrade your rental amount to have the security that if any of your vehicles are in an accident you will have a replacement vehicle available to you within 24 hours.

One Simple monthly payment

Accounting is made easy when you only have to allow for only one monthly payment.

No depreciation

Other than the finance payments, depreciation is the biggest hidden ownership cost

Rental payments are off your Balance Sheet

Due to all our contracts being less than 12 months your monthly payments could be held off your balance sheet.

Brand New Cars

New vehicles as tools of trade have many advantages from staff retention, Workplace Health & Safety, to promoting your business to prospective clients. They also ensure you have the latest in technology and safety in your fleet

Telematic tracking

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. You can upgrade your rental amount to enable your business to receive information from Utilisation, Speed, Driver ID, Fuel Consumption, detailed reports, fatigue management to live locations.

Multiple term Options

We offer 4,6 and 9 month terms which give you the ability to subscribe to a vehicle when only you, a probationary employee or a project needs it.

Tax Advantages

The monthly rental amount is tax-deductible when the car is being utilised to generate revenue for your business.

Private  Subscription Benefits


We can offer flexible terms of 4, 6 or 9 month subscriptions.

It is cost effective

Traditionally changing cars regularly is expensive. How-ever we have found a way to make it as cost-effective as owning a vehicle and in many examples cheaper!


No Service, maintenance, registration, insurance* or depreciation costs to allow for its just one simple payment


Wanting a 4WD for a few months only that could tow? We can assist wIth our short-term subscription periods.


You always have an up-to-date model in your driveway that has the latest styling, tech and safety features available


Perfect if you need a new car for your new job and finance is not an option, or you are here on a 456 Visa.

Multiple term Options

We offer 4,6 and 9 month terms


Pick up your new car from your local city dealer and receive that new car delivery experience, or we can organise delivery to you*.


We offer a large portion of brands throughout the country which change from state to state. Please enquire with us to find out what vehicles we have in your local area.

While not a finance contract, we do like to ensure all our clients can afford to pay their subscription fees. We will ask for several forms of identification and bank statements to ensure approval. This is not only in our interest but yours as well.

In most cases yes. Lending criteria to be passed for approval has certainly got harder, and we understand there are many people that need a new car, can afford one however might not fulfil some criteria check points that lenders require and therefore declines. Enquire with us, and we can take you through some flexible innovative driving options.

All payments are taken directly from your bank account while a credit card can be used as a secondary back up payment option.

If you are a private consumer, payments are made every 14 days. For all Business clients payments can be either fortnightly or monthly.

No. You pay the equal amount of two payments on your first payment. At the end of the term we don’t charge you the final instalment so your balance is even on changeover or hand-back.

When the vehicle is returned it will need to pass the Fair wear and Tear policy for its age and kilometres. Anything outside of those guides you will need to pay for. The vehicle must also be cleaned before return or any excessive cleaning will be charged to the subscriber. If your vehicle has done over the kilometre allowance you will be charged 14.5 cents per kilometre over.

No! The advantage of car subscription is that all normal running costs are included in one simple payment.

No. All customers on handover check a box to confirm they have attached their vehicle to their toll account. If we receive a toll notice then we will charge the client $25 per notice for administration charges.

There are two ways you can get your new vehicles.

  1. From either one of our dealer partners
  2. Or we can deliver the vehicle to you for a fee.

All our cars are covered by full comprehensive insurance.

We do not provide cover for people under 21 years of age, Learner or Provisional drivers, Peer to Peer vehicles, ride-share/Uber use, courier use or cash rental use.

Options can be as low as $1000, please contact us to take you through several flexible options we have.

100% of our cars come with 24/7 Roadside assistance. Just call the number on your windscreen if required.

Yes, the driver must pass the eligibility criteria. We allow up to two additional drivers per subscription for $8.00 per week per driver.

Yes, all of our vehicles are brand new.

We have options of delivering and picking up your old vehicles if you choose.

For all our clients who are consumers the minimum term is 90 days. You must give us 30 days notice of your intent to hand the car back. With our commercial clients your minimum term is the term on the contract.

Depending on your term you are given a certain amount of kilometres before you are charged 14.5cents per kilometre over that allowance.

  • 4 Months is 1,750 kms per month
  • 6 & 9 Months is 1,666 kms per month

Yes there are options on some vehicles this may be possible. When applying please comment on how many kilometres you think you will require.

You will be required to fill in our Application form. We will share the form on enquiry.

  • Along with your application and driver declaration you will need to
  • supply a copy of your licence and
  • a bank statement for the last 60 days.

We will assist you in using your vehicle as a Tool of trade with several options of branding allowed to go on the vehicle.