Transitioning to NSP

Welcome to our salary packaging full management solutions

NSP is an ethical provider that can not only look after your valuable employees but reduce the risk and workload on your HR and payroll team as well.

We are excited that you are considering NSP to be your salary packaging provider of choice. 

  • Our salary packaging management software interface has the ability to meet your proposed contract specifications, including initial data migration, setup of staff details, and integration with your payroll system, no matter the size of your organisation
  • We will work closely with your HR and payroll team to ensure a pain-free transition
  • We will work closely with all your staff to make sure they maximise the benefits available to them

Payroll migration & integration made easy

Don’t let the stress of managing employee benefits consume your payroll and HR departments, slowing down your business growth.

We would love the opportunity to help increase your employer value position.

Please reach out and schedule a time to have a chat with us.