"We are a boutique company that’s PASSIONATE & DRIVEN to deliver you the best VEHICLE SOLUTIONS SERVICES AVAILABLE!"

why cHOOSE nsp?

All services
in one place

we are an administrator

We can look after the whole process. From sourcing your new car and have it delivered to you, to managing all the paperwork, arranging the cheapest finance and appropriate insurances.

we know the good deals from the bad

We have been in the industry for over 30 years and we help you choose your vehicle wisely. We even take into consideration the resale value, to make sure the numbers stack up so you end up with a profit at the end.

we break down you the REAL costs of your vehicle & salary package

We take into account, purchase price, running costs and RESALE costs to give you the full picture and the REAL cost of your vehicle, not just the tax savings. We don't include any unnecessary insurances.

full support

We are here with you through the whole process and we are here to help you achieve the greatest savings possible so that your employees can enjoy more money in their pocket.

Did you know that most companies have just one salary packaging provider?

THERE IS MORE TO SALARY PACKAGING THAN THE TAX SAVINGS....don't get caught just looking at the figure at the bottom of the quote!

National Salary Packaging has over 30 years of experience and was founded on a love of cars. It then morphed into the love of saving clients money when they uncovered the monopoly in the Salary packaging world.

What do you think happens to your employees money when there is no competition to keep the packaging quotes fair and transparent in an unregulated industry?

Todd Kerr, Director of National Salary Packaging and AutoTender, is disrupting the salary packaging and vehicle procurement industry. He’s shifted the power base in favour of the customer, and has further cemented his reputation as 'The Car Guy" an innovator in the process. With over 30 years experience in the industry that began in the highly competitive world of car dealerships, Todd is today a recognised leader and influencer and his passion to save clients money, is very real.
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