Hi UFU members,
We have proudly partnered with an Industry Leading company called National Salary Packaging - NSP are a fully comprehensive outsourced MEMBER BENEFIT solution. They deliver GREAT DEALS on vehicles and finance with the bonus of providing TAX SAVING SOLUTIONS through Salary Packaging, Novated & Associate Leases. I personally saved an additional $70 per week and 1 year off my existing provider's quote! We believe that NSP can provide fantastic member benefits and cost saving solutions to all our members!
Sean Wulff
Vice President

National Salary Packaging Products & Services

Novated Leases

The most TAX EFFECTIVE WAY to run a vehicle with all running costs and finance bundled together

Salary Packaging

Give your employees a pay-rise with it costing you a cent


The most financilly rewarding employee benefit around!

Vehicle Specials

You might be surprised what you can dive for the price

Associate Leases

Instant Tax Savings for families with more than one car


A unique online reverse auction created to save you TIME & MONEY

our expertise

Portrait of a handsome businessman standing near the car outdoors near the modern building facade
We'll be with you the whole way


NSP pride themselves on taking the complication away, making it simple, so you can focus on enjoying the extra savings and driving your new car

straight talking

The team at NSP have changed the way the Salary Packaging industry works. They have shifted the power base in favour of the customer.

REAL savings

NSP leverages their decades of relationships and experience created in the industry to ensure they get the best possible deals for their clients.


"I saved $27,315.27 in tax, plus an additional$4,366.16 on my new Land Rover, Discovery Sports. "I was referred to NSP from a college, whom I'm very grateful for. After my first meeting, I knew I was in safe hands", Thanks team!"
Alastair Read
National Commercial Sales Manager at Dunlop Flooring
"I saved $21,612.88 in tax by packaging my Mitsubishi Triton"
David Little
Boiler Maker, Heavy Haul Trailers
"I saved $13,118.97 in tax with a 12-month salary packaging lease for my Mazda CV8"
nsp plane
Virgin Pilot
"After NSP reviewed my existing quote, I went from saving $19,250.03 in tax to saving an additional $13,669.81 in tax with my brand new Volvo XC60. "I couldn't believe the savings and difference in companies. Of course, I couldn't be more grateful with the savings, service and professionalism that the team at NSP gave me, thank you"
Anita Crestani
Commercial Manager, Dunlop Flooring
"I saved $22,338.94 in tax by salary packaging my Kia Sportage"
Pip Moyer
HR Manager, Gympie Regional Council
"I saved $32,797.05 in tax by Salary Packaging my Toyota Hilux"
Ben Andrews
Cabinet Maker, Urban Kitchen Joinery
"I saved $23,550 in tax by packaging my Subaru Forester. "The money I saved, allowed my to help my disabled grandson and family"
nsp plane
Virgin Pilot
"The Australian Boarding Schools Association have been working closely with National Salary Packaging over the past few years. I have found them not only exceptionally helpful and efficient, but they have saved our members a considerable sum of money. I personally saved an additional $70 per week and 1 year off my existing provider's quote"
Richard Stokes
Executive Director, Australia Boarding Schools Association
"I saved $24,407.02 in tax by packaging my Honda HRV"
Solomon Rowland
Secretary, Tlou Energy
"I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from AutoTender & National Salary Packaging. They provided a step by step fully transparent process regarding my novated lease package. From my call, I could tell they were experts in their field and I had full trust in their advice in putting a finance package together for me. I’ll definitely be using them again and so will our members"
Daniel McLaughlin
Business Development Manager, AMA Victoria

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