Additional Benefits

Broaden your expertise and understanding without experiencing financial stress.

Self Education

This benefit covers various educational opportunities as long as they relate to your job.

Self-improvement efforts might include:

  • Taking courses or seminars
  • Subscribing to journals
  • Getting new reference books

Remember, these professional development costs should directly connect to your current job and help enhance your skills and knowledge.

You can pay the expenses directly to the provider and get reimbursed for your payments.


Professional Membership Fees & Subscriptions

You can salary package memberships and subscriptions such as:

  • Subscriptions to newspapers and magazines.
  • Professional memberships and subscriptions relevant to your field.
  • Club memberships*

*Note: This option is exclusively available to employees within charitable organisations, not-for-profit entities, and public and private hospitals. These eligible individuals can opt to include club or association fees unrelated to work in their salary packaging. For employer groups outside these categories, including non-work-related memberships in the salary package would result in applying full Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) rates.


Airport Lounge Memberships

Save on airport lounge memberships by salary packaging your Airport lounge membership with your pre-tax money.     

What can I package?

  • Airline lounge membership joining fee
  • Airline lounge membership annual renewal fee