Proactive benefits can save your organisation the significant financial burden that comes along with turnover

What is Salary Packaging?

Salary packaging, (also know as salary sacrifice) is an employee benefit that is fully approved by the Australian Taxation Office and allows your employees to pay for certain items before tax. 

In its simplest form, EMPLOYEES GET MORE FROM THEIR SALARY by paying less tax.

  • Increasing employees disposable income! 


Novated & Associate Leases are the most financially rewarding benefits that your can offer to your employees at zero cost or increased wages bill to your business?


The increase in Salary Packaged benefits can be leveraged to entice the best talent to your company and can be a key factor in highlighting negotiations!

Plug & Play Automation

Our plug & play employee benefits automation software manages ALL  the compliance and administration, including FBT so you can focus on your business.

face to face personalised presentations

  • Designed to maximise employee savings and benefits.
  • Tailored strategies to achieve higher net remuneration and reduced employer costs

National Salary Packaging

Specialising in delivering financially beneficial vehicle and salary packaging solutions to companies throughout Australia


What else can I package that has the most Tax Effective benefits?

The following items are exempt from fringe benefits tax FBT when they’re used primarily for business purposes and can be salary packaged:
  • Laptop & Portable devices
  • Superannuation (additional to the 9.5% compulsory employer contribution)
  • Airport lounge memberships
  • Remote Area benefits
  • LAFH (Living Away From Home) benefits 
  • Relocation benefits 
  • NFP (Non For Profit) concessional benefits (living & entertainment)
  • NFP (Non For Profit) Private expenses (GST-exclusive up to $15,900 per annum)
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