Improve your Employees financial outcome with Salary Packaging

“Proactive benefits can contribute to higher staff retention, better productivity & higher level of output”

what is salary Packaging / Sacrificing?

Same Pay - More Money

Salary Packaging is a great employee benefit that is available to all businesses and is fully approved by the Australian Taxation Office.  

It allows employees to pay for certain items before tax, which means employees get more from their salaries by paying less tax – increasing their disposable income.  

When done ethically, salary packaging is one of the most financially beneficial perks you can offer your employees! 

Did you know, financial stress is costing the Australian economy $31.1 bn with 2.44 million Australians suffering from anxiety around money!

communication is key

personal service

making a start

The first step is to select a list of benefits for your employees to to package. We recommend the following list to start with. 

The following items are exempt from fringe benefits tax (FBT) when they’re used primarily for business purposes.

Employer Strategy

Our consultation process is designed to understand the foundation of your business to build your successful employee benefits program.

Employee Engagement Solutions

Comprehensive personal tailored advise designed to achieve higher net remuneration for your employees and reduced employer costs.

Complete Administration Service

Our plug & play employee benefits automation software manages ALL the compliance, administration, payment management & Reporting including GST & FBT so you can focus on your business.

Ongoing support & education

We provide persona account managers, ongoing promotional material and ongoing support.

ATO & ASIC Compliant

We are fully compliant with relevant legislation and ATO requirements as well as ASIC licensed.

A step by step roadmap to success

Consistently providing outstanding results 

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