Improve your Employees financial outcome with Salary Packaging

“Proactive benefits done the right wasy, can contribute to higher staff retention, better productivity & higher level of output”

what is salary Packaging / Sacrificing ?



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Salary Packaging is a great employee benefit that is available to all businesses and is fully approved by the Australian Taxation Office.  

It allows employees to pay for certain items before tax, which means employees get more from their salaries by paying less tax – increasing their disposable income.  

what can i package?

Making a Start

The first step is to select a list of benefits for your employees to package. We recommend the following list to start with. If you have more benefits  

The following items are exempt from fringe benefits tax (FBT) when they’re used primarily for business purposes.

Why offer perks to your employees?

Here's the psychology summarised

Increase the value proposition of your remuneration offering

Attract & Retain the right People

Position your business as an Employer of Choice

Generate better Employee Experiences, Loyalty & Engagement

Protect your 'Employer Reputation'

Boosts Productivity


Employees and Employers benefit from salary packaging

Financial benefits help underpin your company’s success & your employee’s happiness and motivation!

Offering extra financial rewards attract highly skilled people. In fact, according to the HR Institute has found, "the lure of better pay elsewhere is reported as the second strongest factor in why employees say they leave" Moreover, financial rewards help sustain your employees' lifestyles - and are a major determinant where someone chooses to work.

Happy Employees Drive your Business forward

Firms that consistently attract & Retain motivated committed staff, THRIVE. That means, while money is just one factor, salaries and bonuses are directly linked to your company’s success which means employees’salaries and benefits are vital business decisions.

Extra Perks contribute to higher staff retention, better productivity & higher level of output.

Giving employees additional financial benefits supports their financial security and encourages them to deliver above average work and effort. This is because when money is less of a concern, workers can more fully focus on their projects. They have fewer worries about staying financially afloat, which makes them more present in the office, leading to higher levels of productivity and better quality of work.

What is the cost of staff Retention to your business?

Frequent turnover has a negative impact on employee morale, productivity, and company revenue. Recruiting and training a new employee requires staff time and money.

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