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If you are an Employer who understands the value of retaining your most valuable asset, or an Employee who’d like to maximise your income by minimising your tax, salary packaging with NSP will deliver this, and much more.


It allows employees to pay for certain items before tax, which means employees get MORE FROM THEIR SALARY by paying LESS TAX, increasing their take home disposable income – its that simple!

Salary Packaging Benefits You Can Potentially Offer

Depending on your industry,  you may be entitled to salary package a range of expenses. 
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Salary packaging could reduce your taxable income but may affect the way the ATO calculates your HECS/HELP repayments – which could leave you with a tax bill at tax time. So, your employer may not be taking out enough HECS/HELP repayments or in some cases, may not be deducting any HECS/HELP repayments at all. To avoid a possible shortfall at tax time for unpaid HELP repayments, you need to let your payroll department know when you start salary packaging as they may need to increase or recommence the amount of your withholding tax deductions. While each employer is different, in most cases your payroll department will be able to help you manage the process, and changing your HECS/HELP repayments which is quite simple to do. Your payroll department may have its own form or they may ask you to use the ATO’s form Tax declaration form or Withholding tax form. Check with your payroll department first or enquire directly with one of our NSP staff members at Contact NSP

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» According to AMP’s Financial Wellness Report Financial stress is costing the Australian economy $31.1 bn with 2.44 million Australians suffering from anxiety around money!

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