Salary Packaging & Vehicle Benefits Partner

Welcome to National Salary Packaging

RWTA has partnered with National Salary Packaging to provide you with Salary Packaging and Vehicle Benefits that will help you attract and retain the right staff.


You will have access to the following benefits to help your staff take home more pay, save tax and save money.

Benefits available to your employees

1. Vehicle Benefits that will improve their take home pay

As you know, vehicles can be a big expense, and if not purchased, financed or insured correctly, can end up costing you a lot of money unnecessarily!

We are your go-to, Vehicle & Finance specialists with over 30 years of helping people save time, money and effort, ensuring the best-fit vehicle solution for your situation, so you drive can your vehicle for less.

We explore all your employee’s vehicle finance scenarios & options to see if a novated lease or an Asset car loan is the best solution for them to drive their car for less.

Do you want to save $2,000 to $5,000 on your next vehicle?

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A laptop valued at $2,000 (includes GST) will only cost you $1,018.18

  • Wage: $70,000
  • Salary Sacrifice Tax Benefit: $800
  • Plus GST Input Credit: $181.82
  • SAVING YOU: $981.82
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