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Clergy & Lay Workers Remuneration Policy

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Anglican Church Diocese of Perth has partnered with National Salary Packaging to manage all Clergy and Lay Ministry Workers for all Remuneration Packaging benefits.

In summary, under the Clergy &  Lay Workers Remuneration Policy, Religious practitioners may package amounts equivalent to:

  1. up to 30% of gross stipend, and
  2. up to 100% of motor vehicle or travel allowance (if applicable), and
  3. up to 100% of housing allowance (if applicable), and
  4. personal superannuation contributions.

It is in your best interest to familiarise yourself with the benefits available. Please refer to the Clergy and Lay Workers Remuneration policy, Diocesan Council Policy 10.2 below. 

Our goal is to help you maximise every benefit so that you can build your unique portfolio and improve your financial wellness. 

We highly recommend that you schedule your confidential free discovery session to find out how much additional income you will be taking home with these benefits.