Take home more pay working for Occupational Therapy Australia

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Discover how you can take-home more money working for OTA

Occupational Therapy Australia has partnered with National Salary Packaging to provide you with Salary Packaging and Vehicle Benefits that may reduce your taxable income so that you can take-home more money.

To make the most of this initiave, schedule your confidential FREE DISCOVERY SESSION to see how you can personally benefit.

Benefits available to you

1. You may be eligible to take home more pay with these benefits

*Depending on your wage, you might be able to salary package up to $15,900 & $2,650 p.a. benefits without paying any PAYG tax, however, there will be a percentage of FBT payable. This usually reduces your tax bill if you earn over $87,000 each year, as the rebated FBT amount is lower than the applicable PAYG tax rate.

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2. Vehicle Benefits that will save you money

As you know, vehicles can be a big expense, and if not purchased, financed or insured correctly, can end up costing you a lot of money unnecessarily!

We are your go-to, Vehicle & Finance specialists with over 30 years of helping people save time, money and effort, ensuring the best-fit vehicle solution for your situation, so you drive can your vehicle for less.

Explore all your vehicle finance scenarios & options to see if a novated lease or an Asset car loan is the best solution for you to drive your car for less.

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A laptop valued at $2,000 (includes GST) will only cost you $1,018.18.

  • Wage: $70,000
  • Salary Sacrifice Tax Benefit: $800
  • Plus GST Input Credit: $181.82
  • SAVING YOU: $981.82

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Because everyone’s situations and wages are different, we personally tailor a salary package solution designed for you to maximise the benefits available, so you can take home more pay. All sessions are private & confidential.

Click on the link below to apply for your salary packaging benefits. We will then be in touch after we have set you up in the system and provide you with your login details for you to access your salary packaging account.