Marrabaa Walaay has partnered with National Salary Packaging to provide you with Salary Packaging and Vehicle Benefits that will help reduce your taxable income so that you can maximise your take-home pay.

Our goal is to help you maximise every benefit so that you can save tax and build your unique salary packaging portfolio to improve your financial wellness while you are working for Marrabaa Walaay.

Summary of benefits available to you.

  1. Novated Leases – New car salary packaging benefit – average tax saving of $5,000 pa
  2. Associate Leases – Car at home salary packaging benefit – average tax saving of $3,500 pa
  3. Portable electronic devices – average tax saving is $800 pa.
  4. Salary Packaging Fees

To make the most of this initiave, schedule your confidential FREE DISCOVERY SESSION to see how you can personally benefit.

You will have access to the following benefits to help you take home more pay, save tax and save money.

Vehicle benefits that will save you thousands of dollars

As you know, vehicles can be a big expense, and if not purchased, financed or insured correctly, can end up costing you a lot of money unnecessarily!

We are your go-to, Vehicle & Finance specialists with over 30 years of helping people save time, money and effort, ensuring the best-fit vehicle solution for your situation, so you drive can your vehicle for less.

Explore all your vehicle and finance scenarios & options to see what is the best solution for you to drive your car for less!

  • Best fit vehicle & finance solutions
  • Access to vehicle finance options
  • Free vehicle advice (saving thousands of $) providing expert, impartial advice
  • Massive buying power
  • Free access to AutoTender platform to get you the best price
  • Check availability /delays/colours and place the order
  • Independently value your trade-in
  • Assist with accessories

A novated lease is considered the last decent ATO-approved tax break and is a way to finance a new or used car using your pre-tax salary under a salary sacrifice arrangement. 

This can effectively reduce your taxable income and allow you to bundle vehicle expenses into one simple payment.

  • Average tax saving of $5,000 pa

We are novated lease specialists and can help you with:      

  • Operating cost and statutory method of novated leases
  • Fuel card management
  • Fuel cards: 4 cents per litre discount – BP, Caltex/Ampol

This is a great perk with instant financial benefits.

An associate lease is where your associate (partner, spouse, child 18+, family trust and similar) owns a motor vehicle out-right, or even under finance, and enters into an arrangement to rent that vehicle to your employer (who pays your associate the rental costs including running cost: petrol, maintenance, tyres and so forth) who then makes the vehicle available to you as part of your employment.

  • An average tax saving of $3,500 pa 
  • No finance required
  • Reduce your tax
  • Opportunity to increase your family income if your partner is not working or earns under the $18,200 taxed threshold.

Portable electronic device benefit

For example;

  • Wage: $70,000
  • Laptop or phone value: $2,000 (includes GST) will only cost you $1,018.18
  • Salary sacrifice Tax benefit: $800
  • Plus GST input credit: $181.82
  • Less NSP processing admin fee: $55.00
  • SAVING YOU: $926.82

Please note: Device must be used predominantly for work purposes