Salary packaging benefits
Increase your bottom line

How do you benefit?

  • Salary packaging is a great way to reward your people for their hard work at no risk or cost to your bottom line. 
  • There’s no cost to the business at all.
  • Employees pay an administration fee for the service that is set up and automatic through payroll. 
  • As a result of pre-tax payments to the lease, employees reduce their taxable income
  • Offering more to employees can also help inspire confidence and loyalty, as the business is helping them to save money.
  • The additional benefits lead to greater job satisfaction & increased retention company-wide.
  • The increase in salary package benefits can be leveraged to entice the best talent to your company and can be a key factor to highlight in negotiations.
  • Seamless integration of all payroll systems
  • Personalised payroll employee login portals allowing access to instant reporting including expected payroll payments, GST reports, and FBT reports.
  • Our data is live, accurate and available to you 24/7
  • FBT management and reporting 
  • Consistent savings on all packages
  • Our benefits automation software handles all the compliance and benefit administration, so you can focus on your business.

Regarding novated leases:

  • It reduces their taxable income,
  • Reducing the organisation’s payroll tax
  • Reducing worker’s compensation premiums
  • Reducing risk
  • Increasing your companies bottom line
  • With no risk

The more employees that salary package, the more profitable your business becomes. 

  • Access to more products and services that give tangible financial value to your employees
  • We provide personalised tailored strategies to achieve higher employee net remuneration & reduced costs
  • We conduct individual face to face or Zoom discovery meetings to educate and maximise the benefits available to them
  • We provide a dedicated account manager – We are not a call centre
  • Web based application forms for ease and convenience

For businesses that provide company vehicles, novated leases are a RISK FREE SOLUTION  with significant time and financial advantages as opposed to maintaining a company fleet.

A Novated lease also provides the employee with a greater level of flexibility and choice regarding the vehicle. This includes the ability to choose a specific vehicle to be used for personal use without restriction, and even let their family and friends drive the car if they wish.

Regarding Novated Leases:

  • When employers don’t need to worry about what will happen if an employer leaves.
  • All obligations fall onto the employee, including the residual.
  • Due to the nature of the arrangement, vehicles under Novated Lease are not calculated as either an asset or liability for the company.