Benefits of salary packaging

How do I benefit?

The biggest advantage of salary packaging is that you get to take home more income as you are paying for certain expenses with your Pre-Tax Dollars.

  • More pay on pay day – without getting a bonus or a pay rise
  • Access to products & services that provide significant financial benefits.
  • We personally tailor a salary package solution for you to achieve higher net remuneration.
  • We are not a call centre – You get to talk with a dedicated client relationship manager.
  • Access to Fleet Vehicle Pricing – If you are getting a novated lease, we make sure you get the best deal possible
  • Web-based application forms for convenience.
  • Friendly staff that have your best interests at heart.

Any downsides?

When it comes to Salary Packaging, there are a couple of areas you can come unstuck as your benefits should be structured in a way that is maximising your income.

One example: If you take up a Novated Lease, and you are working for a not-for-profit foundation, you wouldn’t use your $15,900 benefit to pay for the lease as a novated lease is an additional benefit.

Another Example: If you take up the Novated lease Benefit you need to make sure it is structured correctly as to the uneducated eye, it is nearly impossible to calculate the ‘TRUE COSTS’ of the package when everything is bundled together and all you see is the tax savings at the bottom of the quote.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not already packaging with us, your employer will need to have engaged our services for you to take advantage of our financial wellness program. If you would like to introduce us to your employer, we certainly would welcome the opportunity to look after you.