our approach to fleet Management

NSP’s fleet management specialists are a one stop focused on delivering fleet solutions that meet your business objectives. As part of this process, NSP can work with you to:  

  • Review your current fleet management arrangements
  • Investigate options for fleet procurement, financing and management
  • Prepare a request-for-proposal questionnaire and meet with identified providers
  • Evaluate and prepare recommendations and strategies
  • Evaluate the quality of systems and processes
  • Develop and implement a company-wide motor vehicle policy
  • Include scope for salary packaging of private-use vehicles for eligible employees
  • Provide ongoing fleet management advice.
  • ATO Compliance
  • ‘Wake-up call’ to bosses: utes no tax-free perk for staff on weekends

benefits of NSP's fleet Management

NSP has a reputation for achieving excellent results in fleet solutions. By trusting us with your fleet management, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you are:

  • Removing your Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) liability
  • Structuring rentals to free-up business cash flow
  • Containing and lowering whole-of-life costs
  • Tailoring lease terms to your budget, policy and purposes
  • Removing your residual value risk
  • Implementing best practice business fleet policies
  • Eliminating your risk and maintenance expenditure
  • Improving proper off-balance sheet accounting and reporting
  • Enabling tax advantages for salary packaging
  • Removing fleet administration burden, allowing you to focus on your business.