Full Administration & Management Services

Don’t let the stress of managing employee benefits slow down your business growth.

Let us manage your employees salary package/sacrifice benefits for a risk and hassle-free experience.

  • All your data is securely stored only within Australia 
  • Is accessible and maintained only from within Australia

We have the software and systems in place that neutralise any FBT liability and streamlines all the administration, reporting & management processes – Stress Free!

  • You will have Personalised Payroll Employee login portals allowing access to instant reporting including expected payroll payments, GST reports and FBT reports.

Did you know...

Salary Packaging Benefits are available to all businesses in Australia and now more than ever are an important part of compensation.

In fact, 66% of employees surveyed said benefits are very or extremely important to their loyalty to a company. 

Although perks like free food and drinks in the office can help employees feel more motivated to be in the office, the most important benefits for employees are the ones that help them feel valued and protected as a person.

Job security, paid holidays and sick leave, flexible schedules, steady raises, salary sacrifice/packaging and a positive work environment help make employees feel respected and valued. 

  • If you want to offer valued benefits, start by considering salary packaging employee benefits that can increase their financial positions at no cost or interruptions to your company. 

Check out the list below as a starting point.

Making a Start is Easy

Depending on your industry,  you may be entitled to salary package a range of expenses. 

The first step is to select a list of benefits to package. We recommend the following list to start with.

  1. Contact us first to start the conversation and discuss your options.
  2. Select a list of benefits below that you want to offer your employees.  We recommend the following list to start with.
  3. We both sign off on an agreement that your company allows your staff to salary package.
  4. Let your staff know they have access to perks that will increase their take home pay.