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Pay less tax & take home more pay

Caravan Industry Association has partnered with National Salary Packaging to provide you with Salary Packaging and Vehicle Benefits that will help reduce your taxable income so that you can maximise your take-home pay.

To make the most of this initiave, schedule your confidential FREE DISCOVERY SESSION to see how you can personally benefit.

You will have access to the following benefits to help you take home more pay, save tax and save money.

Vehicle benefits that will save you time and money

As you know, vehicles can be a big expense, and if not purchased, financed or insured correctly, can end up costing you a lot of money unnecessarily!

We are your go-to, Vehicle & Finance specialists with over 30 years of helping people save time, money and effort, ensuring the best-fit vehicle solution for your situation, so you drive can your vehicle for less.

Imagine paying FLEET PRICING for a new vehicle, and all the hard work is done for you – saving you valuable time and money! 

Free access to discounted vehicle pricing – save $149

What finance solution is best for me?

Explore all your scenarios & options to see if a novated lease or an Asset car loan is the best solution for you to drive your car for less!

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Do you have a car at home?

If you have a car at home, you may be eligible to save tax by utilising the associate lease benefit. 

No finance required