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Welcome to National Salary Packaging

AEIOU has proudly partnered with National Salary Packaging to manage all of your Salary Packaging and Vehicle Solutions.

AEIOU is registered as an FBT exempt organisation which means we have access to additional salary packaging benefits to increase your take-home pay.

We are able to pass on a proportion of your wages as reimbursement of personal expenses, tax-free! 

To determine the actual financial benefit to you, we highly recommend that you book in a time with National Salary Packaging.


  1. $15,900 Everyday General Living Expenses ($30,000 grossed-up per employee, FBT exempt)
  2. $2,650 Meal, Entertainment & Holiday Benefit ($5,000 grossed-up per employee, FBT exempt)

This initiative is designed to help you increase your financial positions, so please make the most of this and schedule your FREE REVIEW below to see how you can personally benefit.

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Products & Services Avaliable

More Money?

We personally tailor a salary package solution for you to achieve higher net remuneration. Schedule your FREE REVIEW below.

Buying a car?

Save thousands of dollars on the purchase of your next car with AutoTender. FREE ACCESS to this platform.

We offer a complete suite of benefits you can salary package to save tax.


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