Helping Australians Add More Value To Their Business & Their Staff

We are committed to delivering Ethical, Financially Superior Services and Solutions all day every day, ensuring companies consistently receive the tangible financial benefits available to them, Risk & Stress-Free.

Todd Kerr


How We Do Business Better


Specialising in Vehicles, Taxation, Compliance and Salary Packaging Solutions. We have a fundamental concern for our people, our partners, customers, and the communities in which we operate.

Trust & Transparancy

We are ethical and honest, and we deliver on commitments. We are dedicated to innovation and excellence in everything we do and relish challenge.

Maximum Tax Savings & Best Outcomes

Our dedicated staff, ensure maximum tailored tax saving solutions and strategies, designed to deliver the best financial outcomes for everyone. We are resilient, and we know lasting success is hard won and nurtured with solid, responsible, hard work.

Commitment & Sustainability

We are committed to work for you, and alongside you to consistently deliver Ethical, Financially Superior Solutions and Outcomes. We are committed to the sustainable development of our businesses and take the long-term view, and have the privilege and responsibility of growing our businesses along sustainable lines.

Our Story

35 years ago we began our journey selling cars and finance. Word quickly got around that we were saving people thousands of dollars on their cars, and we became the go-to for many associations to utilise our services as a member benefit and companies to offer our service as a car buying service. 

To make the process of buying a car easier and faster, we turned our knowledge and IP into software and created a unique online car buying platform called AUTOTENDER. It was and still is a game changer in the industry if you want to save money on your next car.


When it came to financing cars, some of our clients wanted novated leases.  We previously didn’t offer novated leases, but when we started reviewing their quotes, we unfortunately found to many pitfalls that were negatively effecting our clients outcome. This did not sit right with our ethos, so we quickly changed the direction of our business to include novated leases. 

We might be a bespoke company but we are becoming one of Australia’s leading suppliers of ethical salary packaging. 

We look after many Associations and Companies around Australia, and we are excited to show you how everyone wins with ethical salary packaging.