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Salary packaging & Vehicle benefits
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Welcome to National Salary Packaging

All about living has partnered with National Salary Packaging to provide you with all of your Salary Packaging and Vehicle Benefits.

This initiative is designed to help you increase your financial positions, so please make the most of these benefits and schedule your confidential FREE Discovery Session below to see how you can personally benefit.

  • $15,900 Everyday General Living Expenses ($30,000 grossed-up per employee, FBT exempt)
  • $2,650 Meal, Entertainment & Holiday Benefit ($5,000 grossed-up per employee, FBT exempt)
  • Personal electronic devices
  • New car fleet pricing, advise, sourcing & finance solutions
  • Car at home benefits

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1. Book your free Discovery Session

Because everyone’s situations and wages are different, we personally tailor a salary package solution designed for you to maximise the benefits available, so you can take home more pay. 

2. Apply for your Salary Packaging benefits

Click on the link below to apply for your salary packaging benefits. The application form is online and should only take a couple of minutes to complete. We will then be in touch after we have set you up in the system and provide you with your login details for you to access your salary packaging account.

Vehicle benefits that will save your money...

Need a new or used car?

Imagine paying FLEET PRICING for a new vehicle, and all the hard work is done for you – saving you valuable time and money! 

→ FREE access (normally $149.00 to the public) 

What finance solution is best for me?

Explore all your scenarios & options to see if a novated lease or an Asset car loan is the best solution for you to drive your car for less!

→ Free vehicle advise

Do you have a car at home?

If you have a car at home, you may be eligible to increase your income by utilising the associate lease benefit. 

→ No finance required 

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